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You tried GYNrepair and it works for you? We would love to hear about it! Share your experience with us.

I found GYNrepair while searching on the internet and it has been a revelation. I finally found some relief after months of suffering…

Veronika W. in Saarbrucken, Germany (obtained GYNrepair online through
our e-shop)

I am a fervent advocate for GYNrepair and have been for many years now. This wonderful cream was recommended to me by Dr. S. in Lausanne, and from day one I have not been able to do without. I now use GYNrepair mornings and evenings without fail, all year round. It is perfect for my mature skin, and I have lost count of how many times I have recommended it.

Aline V. H. in Aubonne, Switzerland (obtained GYNrepair through her dermatologist in Lausanne)

Not only can I wear jeans and tight clothing again, but I even ride my bicycle without having to worry about feeling pain in the… MY heartfelt thanks to everyone on the GYNrepair team <3

Lisa S. in Reading, UK (obtained GYNrepair online through our e-shop)

The dryness and itching in my vulval area had become a real burden for me. GYNrepair finally brought me relief after months of suffering …

Jeannine H. in Morat, CH

GYNrepair is the only cream that ever worked and I suffer so badly. I have been searching for a cream that is hormone-free and it is not easy to find!

Françoise J. in Langres, France (obtained GYNrepair online through our e-shop)

It started as an itch in between my legs, but there were no visible signs of any problems. After a few days it became generalised and in two weeks, my life was turned upside down: dryness, burning, and sensitivity to touch… It took me six months to seek help. My gynaecologist explained that vulvodynia is common but misunderstood. GYNrepair helps me manage and feel comfortable and protected.

Beata K., in Romont, CH (obtained GYNrepair through her gynaecologist in Fribourg)

My gynaecologist suggested I try GYNrepair after a bad experience with a cortisone treatment that I didn’t tolerate. After one month of using the cream, I began to feel a great improvement in my symptoms. The rash and itching almost disappeared and I finally began sleeping again. I can’t tell you how happy I am to find my peaceful nights again!

Sonia L. in Fribourg, Switzerland
(obtained GYNrepair through her gynaecologist in Fribourg)