Vulvar Health

The vulva is the outer part of the female genitals. There are a variety of causes for pain or discomfort to the vulva that can range from sexually transmitted diseases to wearing inappropriate undergarments. At least 10% of women that seek gynaecological help in Europe declare that they suffer from chronic vulvar discomfort.

Furthermore, it is likely that many more women do not seek help and suffer in silence. Some of the most common causes include: trauma, infections, allergies, hormonal changes, and a variety of painful conditions classified under the term vulvodynia.

Women who live with vulvar pain should not have to face this challenge alone, and if you suffer from chronic discomfort you should speak about it with someone you trust and, most importantly, consult with your doctor or gynaecologist.

However, sometimes a few small changes in lifestyle or personal hygiene can make a big difference towards maintaining comfort and overall intimate health.